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Submit an Annual Meeting Proposal by August 4

As the deadline for 2024 Annual Meeting proposals approaches, AACTE invites diverse voices from both the higher education and PK-12 communities to submit a proposal for consideration in the 2024 Annual Meeting program. AACTE strongly encourages doctoral students pursuing an Ed.D. or Ph.D. to share their perspective on addressing current issues and providing innovative ways to approach that which has yet to be considered in educator preparation.

Individuals from all educational fields are invited to bring their research and practice to the Annual Meeting that aligns with this year’s theme: Ascending New Height: Propelling the Profession into the Future. 

AACTE is specifically interested in submissions that respond to

  • Strand II: Resilient Leadership During Unprecedented Times
  • Strand III: Education Policy and Advocacy in an Era of Inequity

AACTE member Amanda Wilkerson knows firsthand the vital role educator preparation thought leaders and advocates play in shaping the overall vision and culture of an institution, college, or school district, and encourages members to submit their proposals. Watch here.

Let’s hear your innovative ideas! Learn more about the Proposal Guidelines and submit your proposal by August 4.

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