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Last Chance to Register: 2023 Leadership Academy

The 2023 Leadership Academy is not just another leadership program — it’s a transformative experience that will: 

  • Enhance leadership skills;
  • Address current issues; and
  • Build a professional peer network.

Join a professional network of deans, chairs, and heads of education preparation programs who have already registered. Secure your spot at this must-attend event for higher education leaders and register before Friday, July 14.

LocationEmoji_2564076.png Location: Denver, CO
DateEmoji_2564082.png Date: July 30 – August 4

Are you a new dean or interim dean? Here’s the perfect opportunity to be part of a network of those who know what it is like to be in your shoes and learn more at the New Deans Academy, August 3 – 4.

Connect and strategize on how to lead innovation and change in today’s higher education environment with a focus on a variety of areas, including the following:

  1. Recruiting and cultivating diverse faculty and students
  2. Growing partnerships and collaborations
  3. Navigating university budgeting
  4. Leading systemic change
  5. Strategic doing, design thinking, appreciative inquiry, and accountability

HourGlass-Icon_2564172.png Time is running out! Don’t wait any longer — register by July 14 and elevate your leadership journey.