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Top Reasons to Submit Proposals, Be a Reviewer for AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting

Be a part of the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting by submitting a proposal or being a reviewer, and join us in Aurora/Denver, CO, February 16 – 18, under the theme: Ascending the Heights: Propelling the Profession into the Future.

AACTE invites faculty and graduate students of AACTE institutions to volunteer to review proposals for the AACTE 2024 Annual Meeting. Submit reviewer applications by July 7.

Why become a proposal reviewer?

  • Shape the content for the largest conference of teacher educators in the nation.
  • Learn about new and emerging research in the field.
  • Enhance the quality of your own writing, research, and teaching.
  • Elevate methods for retaining educators through successful and sustaining clinical practice and partnerships.

In addition, reviewers are acknowledged during AACTE’s Annual Meeting and receive a certificate of service from the Association.  

AACTE is also accepting session proposals through July 18. Thought leaders from both the higher education and PK-12 communities, think tank organizations, and government and non-governmental entities are encouraged to submit a proposal for consideration Additionally, AACTE strongly encourages doctoral students pursuing an Ed.D. or Ph.D. to share their perspective on addressing current issues and providing innovative ways to approach that which has yet to be considered in education and educator preparation.

Why submit a session proposal?

  • Showcase your research and evidence-based practices to highlight practices that revolutionize educator preparation.
  • Share best practices and expand the knowledge base of the profession.
  • Promote effective methods for attendees to implement to strengthen their educator preparation programs.
  • Engage attendees in interactive learning experiences while building potential partnerships.

Are you ready to get started? Read the Proposal Guidelines, then submit your proposal.