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Tips for Writing a Successful 2024 Annual Meeting Proposal

Submit your Proposal by July 18

Do you want to feature your work at AACTE’s 2024 Annual Meeting at the Gaylord Rockies in Denver, CO, being held February 16 – 18? This year’s theme is Ascending New Heights: Propelling the Profession into the Future; therefore, we are looking for proposals that share perspectives on addressing current issues and providing innovative ways to approach that which has yet to be considered in educator preparation. Before you submit, watch the Tips for Submitting a Successful Proposal Video in which Roben Daubler, veteran member of AACTE’s Committee on Meeting and Professional Development, provides advice that can help ensure your proposal is selected.

Proposals are due July 18.

Top 5 Tips for Submitting a Successful Annual Meeting Proposal

  1. Follow the Format – Your proposal will be evaluated based upon the 10 criteria outlined in Rubric which can be found in the Call for Proposals Submission Guidelines. Familiarize yourself with these prior to writing your proposal.

  2. Structure Your Session – Identify the type of session you want to present at the Annual Meeting. When you review the guidelines, pay attention to the AACTE session types, and ensure your proposal reflects the format of your selected session type.

  3. Speak to the Strand – Address not only the conference theme, but one of the five strands as well. Review AACTE’s official Call for Proposals, select the strand your work best supports, and ensure your proposal answers one or more of its guiding questions.

  4. Talk about Takeaways – Reviewers will be looking for outcomes that attendees can implement, and your proposal should outline what knowledge those attending your session can both gain and apply at their institutions.

  5. Engage Authentically – Prepare a proposal that presents your story and use your proposal to engage attendees and incorporate multiple viewpoints and feedback.