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Resources and Action Alerts for Education and School LGBTQ+ Inclusion

Pride month is more than a celebration; it’s an opportunity to reignite the fight for equality within the LGBTQ+ community and other historically marginalized communities in allyship with all those who believe that our P-20 schools should be safe and inclusive spaces for all youth. As Pride Month comes to a close, AACTE is sharing its updated toolkit, Resources to Support LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Ed Prep and P-20 Schools, which can be found on AACTE’s Racial and Social Justice Hub.

You can get involved by reaching out to members of Congress to support proactive LGBTQ+ inclusion policies. AACTE supports policies that ensure equal education opportunities for all students, especially those that prevent homophobia, transphobia, racism, and other mindsets that promote the exclusion of LGBTQI+ students in schools. This is why AACTE recently signed onto a letter to Members of Congress to support the LGBTQI+ and Women’s History Education Act, which you can also request your representatives to sign. Action alerts for contacting your representatives about bills like these are provided by LGBTQI+ national advocacy organizations like GLSEN and HRC, with which AACTE partners, and are linked on our Racial and Social Justice Hub.  This includes the aforementioned LGBTQI+ and Women’s History Act, as well as the Rise Up for LGBTQI+ Youth in Schools, a House and Senate Resolution call to action that demands equal opportunity, fundamental civil rights, and freedom from the erasure of LGBTQI+ young people in PK-12 schools. 

Finally, AACTE encourages members who are interested in continuing LGBTQ+ work beyond Pride Month to consider joining the LGBTQ Advocacy & Inclusion in Teacher Education TAG (Topical Action Groups).

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