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AACTE Partners with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards®

Opportunities to observe and analyze a variety of educators employing evidenced-based practices is a critical component of quality educator preparation. Those opportunities are made even more valuable when they include insights into behind-the-scenes instructional decision making.  That is why AACTE is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards, Inc. (‘NBPTS’ or ‘The National Board’) to offer individual and institutional access to ATLAS (Accomplished Teaching, Learning and Schools) at a reduced cost for new subscribers. ATLAS is a video library that provides video cases and analysis tools of accomplished teaching practices indexed to common teaching and learning frameworks across various classroom settings.  

AACTE has already provided webinar resources (Part 1 and Part 2) on how to use ATLAS as a tool and framework for using video resources in teacher preparation, and now AACTE is excited to offer you this tool at a reduced cost for those who register for a new subscription before the end of the year! AACTE members who sign up for a new ATLAS subscription before the end of 2023 will receive a 20% discount on institutional or individual subscriptions. Both institutional and individual subscription options are available for both one- and three-year terms, and those selecting a three-year term will be eligible for the 20% discount.

Individual Institutional
3- year- $79 (with AACTE member 20% discount) 3-year subscription: $2,400 onboarding fee: $10 per User (with AACTE member 20% discount)
1-year – $99 (no discount) 1-year subscription: $1,200 onboarding fee +$10 per user


To receive the discount:

  1. Complete the ATLAS form.
  2. Select AACTE in response to the “How did you hear about ATLAS?” question.
  3. You will be contacted by an ATLAS representative once the form is submitted.

Benefits of ATLAS

While there are a variety of methods to deliver observation and analysis opportunities to teacher candidates, an ATLAS subscription is a cost-effective, scalable, and peer-reviewed option for educator preparation programs (EPP) to do so.  Some of the benefits of an ATLAS subscription include the following:

  1. Quality Video Cases
  • More than 1,400 diverse video cases covering most subjects, grades, and school settings.
  • Video cases come from teachers who successfully achieved National Board Certification.
  • Authentic videos showing evidence-based practices in action.
  1. Alignment to Coursework and Certification
  • Interface allows users to tag, save, and organize cases for easy access throughout their learning.
  • Video cases are indexed to frameworks such as edTPA and InTASC.
  • Video cases can be used in coursework on classroom management and assessment, methodology courses, and student teaching experiences.
  1. Interactive Analysis
  • Analysis activities that help candidates understand behind the scenes instructional decision-making.
  • Insights into accomplished teaching as defined by the profession’s standards and assessed through a peer reviewed performance-based process.

Most importantly, candidates who use ATLAS report that it has helped with their planning, instruction and using assessment to inform instruction. Read more about research exploring ATLAS’s potential to strengthen pre-service teachers’ professional learning.

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