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AACTE Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week May 8-12

AACTE is pleased to honor P-20 educators during National Teacher Appreciation Week. Typically held the first full week of May, this week is dedicated to America’s educators who commit their lives to service by educating, encouraging, and advocating for all students. Inspired by Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1953 call to Congress to create a National Day of Recognition for Teachers, and through the contributions of both the National Education Association (NEA) and National Parent Teacher Organization (PTA), America celebrated its first Teacher Appreciation Week in 1984.

Among the many ways to thank a teacher, a handwritten note and a gift card to a local coffee shop or office supply store are traditional, great ways to show the teachers in your life that you care. But as a national leader in the field of educator preparation, AACTE knows that teachers have earned far more than one week of national appreciation. In fact, here are a few additional ways to support P-20 educators across the country:

  • Volunteer: Sign up to volunteer with your student’s school. You will be asked to complete an application, and a background check will be performed. Once you are an approved volunteer, talk with teachers about your skill set and how you can be best used as a resource for the classroom. Resources: National Parent-Teacher Association

  • Promote a Positive Educator Narrative: Serve as a role model for others by demonstrating a positive attitude toward education and educators. If you have positive feedback about a teacher, share it with others on your social media accounts, in local newsletters, and in online blogs and forums. Changing the narrative begins with all of us choosing to use positive language when speaking about educators and education. This includes avoiding negative stereotypes and emphasizing the important role that educators play in society. Resources: Teaching Playbook Stories

  • Advocate for All Teachers: Advocating for teachers and their profession can also be a powerful way to show support. This could include writing to elected officials, supporting education-related initiatives, or speaking out against policies that harm teachers or students. Resources: AACTE, Education Trust, Center for American Progress

AACTE member institutions are also finding ways to honor their faculty and teacher alumni during National Teacher Appreciation Week that include the following:

For more information on how you can thank an educator, please contact me at bevans@aacte.org.


Brooke Evans

Assistant Director, Development & Professional Learning