AACTE Celebrates Jewish American Heritage

May is Jewish American Heritage Month. AACTE joins the nation in celebrating the values, culture, and contributions of Jewish people by encouraging all educators to think broadly and critically about how to teach the diverse and complex history and experience of Jewish people. This is more critical than ever, as noted by Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights Catherine Lhamon in Dear Colleague Letter issued in conjunction with the Biden-Harris administration’s national strategy to counter antisemitism; in which Lhamon reminds us of the nationwide rise in reports of antisemitic harassment, including in schools.

AACTE hopes members will take time to review Goal 3.4, K-12 Schools and Campuses, of the national strategy to counter antisemitism. U.S. schools and college campuses must feel safe for all people, and that begins with educators being inclusive and representing the full spectrum of Jewish history, including, but not centering, antisemitism awareness and advocacy.

 AACTE encourages the educator preparation community  to incorporate Jewish history and cultural lessons like those from Sponsors of Jewish American Heritage Month and the ADL


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