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AACTE Celebrates Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

In May, AACTE joins together with cultural institutions, school districts, municipalities, state legislatures, public servants, and non-profit organizations around the country to celebrate the immeasurable contributions of the Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander Heritage (AANHPI) community and recommit to the work of making sure that all people have the opportunity to be a part of the nation’s exceptional and equitable education system. AACTE encourage members to share the history, culture, and achievements of those who identify as AANHPI in their classrooms and on their campuses in observance of AANHPI Heritage Month.

In alignment with AACTE’s strategic plan to increase access and opportunity of diversity in educator preparation programs, AACTE is creating a database where AACTE faculty and candidate teachers can post their research and publications to be cited by the field. If you identify as Asian American, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, AACTE encourages you to share your educator preparation research with your peers.

This form also provides you with an opportunity to create a profile so that people can learn more about your research interests and other works. Please take a moment to fill out the AANHPI Publications Spotlight Form or forward it to AANHPI colleagues who may want to take advantage of the opportunity to highlight their work on AACTE’s website.

In a future Ed Prep Matters blog post, AACTE will feature authors from the upcoming critical inquiry paper, “Toward an AsianCrit Exploration of the Experiences of Current and Former Asian/American Leaders in Educator Preparation.”  

Until then, you are invited to browse the following educator resources:

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