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AACTE Explores the Science of Reading in Upcoming Webinar

The “science of reading” has garnered enormous attention among educators and the general public over the past few years. The research literature about effective reading instruction and intervention and effective teacher preparation should inform program design decisions and teacher education practices.

The University of Florida’s Valentina Contesse and Holly Lane recently authored the AACTE report, The Role of Educator Preparation Programs in Preparing Teachers in The Science of Reading. In this report, the authors define the science of reading, discuss effective reading instruction and teacher preparation, share voices from the field, and provide recommendations for Educator Preparation Programs as well as resources. Join AACTE as presenters dive into the science of reading by exploring the five recommendations related to the preparation of teachers to deliver effective reading instruction.

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The Science of Reading: Recommendations on the Preparation of Teachers to Deliver Effective Reading Instruction
May 17, 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. ET


Brooke Evans

Assistant Director, Development & Professional Learning