AACTE Weighs in on Parental Bill of Rights

The House Education and Workforce Committee recently approved legislation that would establish a Bill of Rights for parents of elementary and secondary school students.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Julia Letlow (LA-5), would, among other things, empower parents to inspect books and other teaching materials in schools. While AACTE supports parental involvement in their children’s education, it opposed the legislation, in part, because the legislation would restrict any classroom instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity and expression and would pose an undue burden on educators by creating unnecessary and burdensome reporting requirements on schools.

AACTE endorsed a competing measure, the Bill of Rights for Students and Parents, that would advance an inclusive, aspirational, and affirmative vision for public education. The resolution, introduced by Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (OR-01), is supported by 29 Members of Congress, several of whom are senior members of the Education and Workforce Committee, and 49 organizations representing parents, teachers, civil rights, and others.

The full House of Representatives is expected to vote on Rep. Letlow’s legislation in the coming weeks.  Its fate in the Senate is unclear. 

AACTE will keep you informed of developments related to the legislation.