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AACTE Launches Online Community for #AACTE23 Attendees

AACTE Connect360The Annual Meeting is AACTE’s most innovative and collaborative event of the year, and it’s only weeks away. This year, as we gather together to celebrate AACTE’s 75th anniversary, attendees may access the Annual Meeting online community to discuss research, ask questions, and connect with other attendees.

AACTE encourages all attendees to take a moment and connect with other advocates who are passionate about education preparation.

4 Ways to Get Started

Log in. Go to aacteconnect360.org and log in with your e-mail and AACTE password. Go to the Communities tab and click on My Communities to access the 75th Annual Meeting online community.

Complete your profile. Amplify your personal brand. Go to your profile to complete your biography, education, professional associations, and more! Then, upload your headshot from your account profile.

Share your story. Post a comment, and let’s hear a small bit of your story and get to know each other! Use this thread to introduce yourself to other attendees — and tell us one thing about yourself. 

Start a conversation. With the member directory, you now have access to 15,000+ AACTE members. Get a head start — collaborate with like-minded peers and leading voices who you’ll see in Indy. Are you a first-time attendee and would like some guidance? Or, is there a topic you’re curious about? Post a message to the community!