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AACTE Board of Directors Election – Vote Today

The annual election for the AACTE Board of Directors is now open and runs through November 30. This year, there are six individuals running for two at-large seats and one seat representing AILACTE.

At-large candidates

  • Loury Floyd
    Dean, University of North Carolina – Pembroke
  • Tambra Jackson
    Dean & Professor, Indiana University – Purdue University, Indianapolis
  • Ira Lit
    Professor and Faculty Director, Stanford University
  • Michael O’Malley
    Dean, Texas State University

AILACTE candidates

  • Yolanda Gallardo
    Dean, Gonzaga University
  • Hillary Merk
    Associate Professor, University of Portland

If you are an official AACTE Institutional or Chief Representative, enter the online voting system for the AACTE Board election. There you will find short statements from each candidate.