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CEEDAR Releases New Resources to Support Inclusive Education

Education systems must adapt and tailor its programming to meet the needs of every learner. The Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform (CEEDAR), a technical assistance center, aims to successfully educate and train educator and leader preparation programs to support inclusive education. The center’s aim is to create quality education for every student — with a focus on preparing students with disabilities to achieve college and career-ready standards. This is done by implementing evidence-based practices within multi-tiered systems of support.

CEEDAR, an AACTE partner organization, recently announced two new resources based on evidence-based practices:

Dyslexia Course Enhancement Modules

CEEDAR’s newest Course Enhancement Module provides pre-service candidates and in-service teachers with the framework necessary to designing programs and services to improve outcomes for students with dyslexia. Learn more.

Using Simulation Environments for HLP #3

In this practice-based learning opportunity, teacher candidates gain a deeper understanding of using student assessment data, analyzing instructional practices, and making necessary adjustments that improve student outcomes. Candidates will practice by using assessment data to design and teach one explicit instruction lesson in literacy. Learn more.

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