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2022 Mid-Term Elections: What It Means For Educator Preparation

Voters will cast their votes on November 8 for scores of local, state, and federal elections. The election results will likely be felt for years, including in our nation’s classrooms. The results could impact curriculum, civil rights for underrepresented students, educator preparation, and other related issues.  

While election experts predict modest changes in the composition of Congress, even the slightest of changes can have significant effect on our students and educators. 

What does all this mean for AACTE, its members, and the students they work with?

Join me for a discussion on Wednesday, November 9 about the challenges and opportunities we expect over the next two years, including the following:

  • An update on the annual spending bills that fund the federal government, including the Department of Education
  • The potential impact the elections will have on the priorities of President Biden and Education Secretary Cardona
  • Changes in key congressional leadership positions, including on the education and appropriations committees
  • A potential reauthorization of the Higher Education Act

Register now for the AACTE Public Policy in Action webinar on Wednesday, November 9 from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. EST.



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