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2022-23 AACTE State Affiliate Awardees Selected

Congratulations to the AACTE state affiliate organizations from Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, and Montana which were selected from among numerous excellent applicants for a 2022-23 State Affiliate Support Award. AACTE uses these awards to support state affiliate organizations in advancing the following priorities:

  • Advocacy and Policy Leadership
  • Enhancing Program Quality
  • Partnership and Communication

The selected awardees will be pursuing the following projects this year:

  • Florida: Convene the primary stakeholders in the educator preparation process for a face-to-face forum to identify the challenges facing Florida in educator recruitment and retention, review existing strategies, and agree on potential new solutions.
  • Georgia: Develop with key stakeholders a 10-year legislative plan of action to address the teacher shortage through recruitment, induction, and retention best practices and advocate for the adoption of the plan.
  • Minnesota: Creating a framework of agreed-upon best practices for the teaching of early literacy, creating and disseminating learning modules, and hosting a virtual literacy summit with PK-12 partners, the state department of education, and literacy experts.
  • Montana: Hosting an inaugural Day on the Hill during the 2023 legislative session and implementing a new membership management platform.

Special thanks are due to all the state organizations that submitted proposals and to the Proposal Review Committee, comprised of John Henning, Sara Skretta, and Minash Sharma and chaired by ACSR Past-Chair John Blackwell.

As their work advances, each awardee will author stories in Ed Prep Matters describing their work, what they are learning, and important lessons for other states. So, stay tuned! 

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Jacqueline E. King, Ph.D.

AACTE Consultant