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What’s Your Membership Status? Renew to Lock in 2023 Benefits


Membership with AACTE demonstrates the commitment in advocating and building capacity for high-quality educator preparation programs in a dynamic landscape.

This is an early reminder that membership expires in December 2022. To thank you for your continued support of AACTE, dues rates for 2023 membership will remain the same. Renew today.

Over the past few years, AACTE has been able to expand its education technology offerings:

  • GoReact partnership allows members to access the platform’s video assessment tools which facilitate scalable video observation, coaching, and assessment for teacher educators everywhere.

  • Mursion collaboration provides educator preparation programs with innovative solutions for teacher candidates to supplement their clinical practice experiences via virtual simulations with avatar students.

  • EdThena partnership awards members with grants to enhance training for future teachers in methods courses, field observations, skill-building, and group learning via video technology.

With member support, AACTE aims to continuously provide valuable resources and actively develop our educator community. Put simply, members make what we do possible.

AACTE membership expires on December 31, 2022. Renew today to lock in these benefits for the next year. 

Questions? Email the AACTE membership team at membership@aacte.org.


Meghan Grenda

Director of Membership, AACTE