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In announcing the National Partnership for Student Success, a bright spotlight has been put on the adults who serve young people in communities nationwide. This is a clarion call for more adults to step up and lean in to address students’ academic, emotional, social, and mental health needs. 

In 2022, the American Institutes for Research (AIR) and a constellation of partner organizations launched the Power of Us Workforce Survey, a first-of-its-kind comprehensive workforce survey to get to know the people who are already working and volunteering with youth in afterschool and summer programs, in libraries, in affordable housing, in community centers, in schools, and anywhere young people need support.

As a National Partner for Student Success champion, AACTE supports this call to help students succeed and to thrive, and encourages members to

  1. Share the survey: If we know more, we can do more to support the youth fields workforce to thrive. Share the link to the survey:
  2. Spread the word. Use the communications toolkit to invite individuals to be part of the Power of Us campaign.
  3. Join the webinar: Register or share information about this special webinar on September 9 (see information below).

This survey is part of a larger Youth Fields Study, which was commissioned and funded by The Wallace Foundation as part of its mission to support and share effective ideas and practices. The survey will be administered throughout 2022. 

Webinar Details:

Mentors, Tutors, and More. Who are the Adults Who Work With Youth, and What Can We Do to Know More?

When: Friday, September 9 12:00 – 1:00 p.m. ET / 9:00 – 10:00 PT

Register today: 

It’s back to school time so that means that new and returning staff and volunteers across the country —

including mentors, tutors, student success coaches, afterschool leaders, coaches, librarians, and more — are engaging and building relationships with youth this fall. 

What do we know about these adults who work with young people? Why do they do this work? What are the career pathways? How are they compensated? What makes them stay in the work and what makes them leave? 

The discussion will feature the Power of Us Workforce Survey, now active across the nation.

Join this important discussion about the adults who support student success. Led by Karen Pittman, partner, KP Catalysts, and Jill Young, senior researcher at the American Institutes for Research.

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