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NEA and PDK International Announce Expanded Partnership to Inspire the Next Generation of Highly Effective Educators

The National Education Association (NEA) and Phi Delta Kappa (PDK) announced today significant steps to strengthen their partnership to ensure every P-12 student in the Nation has access to a great teacher and opportunities for learning success. This partnership will continue to inspire middle and high school students who reflect the demographics of their communities to serve as the next generation of highly effective educators. Students will have opportunities to explore programs, curricula and additional resources to prepare them for a career in education through Educators Rising, an ongoing project of PDK developed with the support of NEA.

The two partners will also work together to strengthen and expand support for college students as they pursue education degrees and certification through NEA’s Aspiring Educators Program. PDK resources, such as Kappan magazine and networking and learning opportunities, will be more broadly available to Aspiring Educators in colleges across the country. Additionally, resources and advocacy from NEA will allow for Educators Rising to reach more young people, ensuring a stream of profession-ready new educators across the country who reflect the demographics of their communities.

“Our future is only as bright as the future educators we cultivate to lead it. I’m both overjoyed and proud of the partnership between PDK’s Educators Rising program and NEA’s Aspiring Educators. Together, our programs will build a generation of more prepared, inclusive, and passionate educators ready to support all our nation’s students,” said Becky Pringle, president of the NEA.

“The NEA has been a wonderful partner to PDK throughout our long history. The recent support for Educators Rising since our inception has been instrumental to our success and I’m excited to see how this expanded collaboration will inspire and prepare a new generation of young people to serve as educators in their communities. Through this new agreement we will be joining forces to ensure that our nation’s schools have excellent teachers who reflect the demographics of their students and are ready for the challenges and opportunities of public education,” said Joshua P. Starr, chief executive officer for PDK International.

“We are excited that so many more students will benefit from the expansion of the combined offerings between the NEA’s Aspiring Educators and PDK’s Educators Rising. This partnership allows students time and space to find their calling within education and helps districts and colleges find their next generation of educators from within their own communities,” said Albert Chen, chief operating officer for PDK International.

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