Register for JUSTEC 2022 by August 15

Educators in the United States and Japan are invited to register for the Japan-U.S. Teacher Education Consortium’s 32nd conference, JUSTEC 2022, which will take place September 23 – 25. This year’s three-day conference is supported by AACTE; the U.S. Embassy, Tokyo; and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, Japan. It will draw its focus on the theme, “Collaborative Teacher Education in the United States and Japan in the Era of Uncertainties.” Register by August 15 to reserve your spot.

JUSTEC was established under AACTE in the late 1980s to foster joint research efforts in the United States and Japan educational sectors. AACTE’s former president and CEO, David Imig, played a key role in the establishment and continuing operation of JUSTEC. Since 2007, JUSTEC has continued as an independent organization of interested faculty and universities.

JUSTEC’s objectives are to

  • Provide opportunities for colleges and graduate schools of education to examine their study and practice;
  • Engage in discussion and cultural exchange for scholars, graduate students, in-service teachers, policy makers and others who are involved in education;
  • Facilitate joint study and collaborative projects between the United States and Japanese scholars and educators and to support scholars’ and practitioners’ efforts for higher quality education; and
  • Enhance academic networks between Japan and U.S. scholars, educators, and practitioners.

Learn more about JUSTEC 2022 program details and fees, and register by August 15.

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