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Join AACTE in Advocating for the Interstate Teacher Mobility Compact

The Council of State Governments (CSG) is partnering with the Department of Defense and the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification to develop the Interstate Teaching Mobility Compact (ITMC) — a new interstate compact — to help offset the steep shortage of teachers across the nation.

The ITMC is a legal contract between two compact member states that will allow teachers greater mobility and more employment opportunities inside the classroom by eliminating additional licensing and testing barriers that would be typically required.

In addition to the AACTE, 12 other organizations have contributed to the development process for the ITMC. The initial draft is now available for review and public comment, as well as an overview of the ITMC and a link to provide feedback.

 Benefits of the ITMC for Teachers

  • Eliminate barriers to teaching licensure and maintains a high level of teaching practice
  • Teachers will not be faced with re-examination and additional testing and administrative fees after a move
  • Increases teacher employment opportunities and helps find the best fit in a broader pool of schools and district

What’s Next?

 Each state must enact the ITMC model legislation to join the compact. The CSG will facilitate a stakeholder review process to receive input and feedback on the model legislation. The goal is for this legislation to be finalized for introduction during 2023 state legislative sessions.

To get involved in the stakeholder review process or learn more about advocating for the interstate compact in your state, please visit compacts.csg.org/compact-updates/teaching/.

The CSG is hosting weekly virtual sessions where they will review the provisions of the ITMC. Register for one the sessions.

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