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Exploring Leadership Academy Content: Navigating Difficult Situations

In this climate of ever-increasing polarization, where a recent study suggests that one third of the population cannot understand or empathize with differing points of view, the pressure on academic leaders to mitigate conflict is greater than ever. Add in the varying backgrounds of faculty and staff, as well as different work styles and remote environments, and you have the potential for a tense and anxious work environment. As a result, today’s academic leaders find themselves challenged to improve and advance their programs and institutions amidst an increasingly contentious climate.

At the same time, academic leaders find themselves navigating the media spotlight thrust upon their programs due to the politicization of education. Whether it’s national reporting, local coverage, or the various social media platforms, a picture of education and teacher preparation is being painted, with or without the perspective and insight of our educator preparation programs.

To that end, AACTE is working with deans, program chairs, and other academic leaders to ensure they are prepared to navigate these, and other, difficult situations. To provide this support, AACTE is proud to offer the following session content in both the dean and chair strands of the 2022 Leadership Academy:

Chairs Track – Managing Conflict

Participants in this session will explore:

  • What are the causes of personal conflict?
  • How do I engage to help resolve external conflict?
  • How do I effectively address a lack of collegiality within my unit?
  • What are some effective strategies to diffuse situations?

Deans Track – Speaking to Today’s Media

Participants in this session will explore:

  • How do I effectively drive my message?
  • How do I mitigate and leverage the impact of social media?
  • What tactics should I use when engaging with the media?
  • When should I partner with the media as part of my overall communications plan?

Don’t miss your chance to interact in these informational sessions designed to explore the bases of conflict, prepare leaders to overcome tense situations, and leverage media coverage to control and enhance messaging.  Join us June 26-30, 2022, at the Renaissance International Plaza Hotel in Tampa, FL, where you can choose from one of three track options:

  • New Chairs and Academic Leaders – June 26-28
  • New and Seasoned Deans – June 28-30
  • Full Conference (All Sessions) – June 26-30

Be sure to check out the schedule of content to be offered this year and reserve your spot today for AACTE’s new and improved Leadership Academy experience.

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Matthew Wales

Vice President, Member Services & Events