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A Focus on Leadership Academy Content: Implementing Strategic Planning at All Levels

2022 Leadership Academy

Over the last two years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the pace of change, and the time to respond to those changes, has seemingly accelerated. Today’s leaders are tasked with making informed decisions to solve new problems, but often with minimal information and without an opportunity for collaborative input. As a result, successful leaders are relying upon detailed, strategic plans as guides to ensure their decisions are in alignment with the goals and priorities of their institution and their constituents.

One benefit of strategic planning is that it creates a single, forward-focused vision. As a part of its strategic plan, AACTE aligns its ongoing commitment to high-quality educator preparation with its commitment to leveraging opportunities to address the future challenges that come from an ever-changing educational landscape. To that end, AACTE is working with deans, program chairs, and other academic leaders to ensure their strategic planning processes are forward-thinking and revolutionary, while also representative of the diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environments AACTE and its members want to create. To provide this support, AACTE is proud to offer the following session content in both the dean and chair strands of the 2022 Leadership Academy:

Chairs Track – Implementing Your Action Plan

Participants in this session will explore

  • What do I want to accomplish during my tenure as a leader?
  • With whom will I need to collaborate to accomplish my goals?
  • When and where do I begin my vision?
  • How do I grow my vision within my current environment?

Deans Track – Fundraising and Long-Term Planning

Participants in this session will explore

  • How do I finance my strategic plan?
  • How do I bring in resources for my school or college?
  • How do I mobilize faculty and staff to accomplish these initiatives?
  • How do I maintain (or increase) academic quality with minimal (or declining) resources?

Don’t miss your chance to participate in these engaging and interactive sessions designed to prioritize your strategic efforts, align your institutions goals with resources, and develop an action plan for the next year (and beyond).  Join us June 26-30, 2022, at the Renaissance International Plaza Hotel in Tampa, FL, where you can choose from one of three track options:

  • New Chairs and Academic Leaders – June 26-28
  • New and Seasoned Deans – June 28-30
  • Full Conference (All Sessions) – June 26-30

Be sure to check out the schedule of content to be offered this year and reserve your spot today for AACTE’s new and improved Leadership Academy experience. 

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Matthew Wales

Vice President, Member Services & Events