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New Leadership Academy Format, New Opportunities for All Leaders

2022 Leadership Academy

What’s new at AACTE’s 2022 Leadership Academy? In response to requests for tailored programming, AACTE will offer its high-quality leadership training in two distinct program sessions—one for new chairs and academic leaders, the other for new and seasoned deans.

With a focus on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion, both sessions explore critical components of academic leadership. Attendees will understand the complex roles and functions of their positions while building key leadership skills and forging networks with other professionals in similar leadership roles.

Participants can register for one or both session offerings, which include collaborative planning sessions, networking receptions, and thought-provoking breakfast conversations with AACTE President and CEO Lynn M. Gangone, Ed.D.

The sessions for new chairs and academic leaders, June 26 – 28, will focus on

  • Who Am I as a Leader?
  • Leadership in Action
  • Managing Conflict
  • Putting Concepts into Practice: Managing Conflict
  • Navigating the Current Climate
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Implementing Your Action Plan

Sessions for new and seasoned deans, June 28 – 30, include

  • Leadership in Action
  • Strategic Planning: Aligning with AACTE
  • Fundraising and Long-Term Planning
  • Advocacy and Promotion of Your Programs
  • Speaking to Today’s Media
  • Promoting and Developing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Deans Roundtable and AACTE Listening Session

Register now for AACTE’s Leadership Academy at the Renaissance Tampa International Plaza Hotel. Take advantage of discounted registration and hotel rates by June 6.

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Matthew Wales

Vice President, Member Services & Events