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Focus Group Opportunity on Learner Variability Navigation Tool

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AACTE, in its efforts to revolutionize education, is partnering with Digital Promise to support their work in tackling systems-level transformation that directly address the challenges students face. Digital Promise wants to ensure that each student has equitable access to educators and learning experiences that affirm and honor their identities, expertise, and cultures. Through professional development and its free and open-source tool, the Learner Variability Project LVN), Digital Promise empowers educators to deepen their understanding of learner variability and embrace equitable and inclusive practices that support the whole child. 

AACTE and Digital Promise agree that by adapting Digital Promise’s previous K-12 LVN training success to educator preparation programs, we can ensure learner variability is something that can be incorporated at the early stages of teacher education. To achieve this, AACTE will convene focus groups strategically chosen based on interest, influence, and capacity to learn about the resources available through the Learner Variability Project and what professional development opportunities would be of interest to AACTE members.

RSVP for one virtual focus group session. Each session is 60-minutes long.

Digital Promise Focus Group Flyer

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