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AACTE Launches New Podcast on School Leadership Research

Revolutionizing School Leadership Through ResearchSchool leadership is second only to teaching among school-related factors in its impact on student learning, and school leader preparation programs play a key role in facilitating that success. As the leading voice in educator preparation, AACTE has launched a new podcast series, “Revolutionizing School Leadership Through Research”.  This new podcast series highlights three cutting-edge research reports from the Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center on School Leadership.  The three-episode series defines the evolving role and expectations of the principalship, the corresponding preparation required to meet those expectations, and the state policy levers that can be pulled to increase the number of qualified, equitable leaders in that position.

The first episode takes a macro look into the connection between school leadership and school outcomes. AACTE speaks with the lead author, Jason Grissom, of the Wallace commissioned report, How Principals Affect Students and Schools, A Systematic Synthesis of Two Decades of Research”, Grissom walks through the major landscape shifts in the past 20 years, with key insights into how preparation programs can be effective, equitable leaders.

In Episode 2, AACTE investigates the evolving role and preparation needs of the assistant principal through a conversation with Ellen Goldring, lead author of  The Role of Assistant Principals: Evidence and Insights for Advancing School Leadership, released in April 2021.

Episode 3 zooms out by summarizing the what and how state policy levers can be used to improve principal pipelines and preparation programs in a conversation with lead author, Paul Manna, of  How Can State Policy  Support Local School Districts as They Develop Principal Pipelines?, published in October 2021.  

You can listen to the “Revolutionizing School Leadership Through Research” podcast on the AACTE website. Episodes are also available on Apple, Spotify, or iTunes.

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