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You’re Invited: Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation TAG Meeting

Vector illustration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math educationThe Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation (IPSTP) Topical Action Group (TAG) is hosting an Invited Speakers Event on Thursday, Mar 3, 2022, from 4:00 – 6:00 pm. The in-person meeting will take place at in the Lafayette room at New Orleans Marriott. A Zoom link will be shared via email to respondents. Please RSVP here. 


Tara O’Neil, Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Christopher McLaughlin, STEM Program Director, Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School and Adjunct Lecturer at Montclair State University

Dequane Nealy, Undergraduate Electrical Engineering major at Howard University

Katie Flax, Science teacher at Trego Community High School in WaKeeney, KS.


4:00 – 5:15 p.m. Invited speakers

5:20 – 6:00 p.m. TAG Business meeting

In many ways, the pandemic and social unrest of the past two years has upended lives and livelihoods and questioned what it means to trust the knowledge of science and public health. We, as a community of teacher educators, reflect on how the challenges, questions, and uncertainties of the past two years have shifted the paradigm of “normal” to challenge the status quo of our respective lived experiences as an opportunity to “rethink, reshape, reimagine, revolutionize” what it means to improve STEM teacher preparation. This TAG Invited Speaker session draws upon Zeicher, Payne, and Brayko’s (2014) analysis of stakeholders’ identity, role, and knowledge by examining “whose knowledge counts.” We will learn from the stories of our guests, a professor and researcher, teacher and teacher educator, and student to analyze the AACTE conference strands:

  • Strand I: Preparing Educators In and For the Future
  • Strand II: Renewing Democracy through Activism and Collaboration
  • Strand III: Addressing Public Concerns for the Future of the Profession
  • Strand IV: Confronting the Challenges Facing our Programs and Institutions

The focus of the session is for the panelists to share their stories, what they know and have learned about STEM teaching and learning, and what STEM teacher education should look like through the lenses of equity, inclusion, and belonging to “Rethink, Reshape, Reimagine, Revolutionize: Growing the Profession Post Pandemic.

Join us for a dynamic discussion and panel event, followed by the TAG business meeting.

We are seeking nominations for the following TAG Officers for the 2022-2023 year:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

The in-coming TAG Chair, Paul Adams, dean, College of Education, Professor of Physics and Anschutz Professor of Education, Fort Hays State University, has graciously offered to lead the ISTP TAG for the 2022-23 year.

Sumi Hagiwara of Montclair State University, currently serves as the chair of the  AACTE Improving Practices in STEM Teacher Preparation TAG IPSTP TAG Chair. She may be contacted at mailto:hagiwaras@montclair.edu.


Zeichner, Kenneth & Payne, Katherina & Brayko, Kate. (2014). Democratizing Teacher Education. Journal of Teacher Education. 66. 122-135. 10.1177/0022487114560908.

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