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The AACTE Racial and Social Hub: It’s Not for You, Without You

AACTE Social and Racial Justice Hub screenshotThis month, AACTE launched its Racial and Social Justice Hub, a place to learn, grow, inquire, and share resources with one another that address social injustices and advocate for the preparation of profession-ready educators. To help ensure AACTE is meeting the needs of the educator preparation community in advancing racial and social justice work, you are invited to complete a 90-second survey to inform future content – it’s not for you, without you.

QR Code -Social and Racial JustiEven in these challenging times, when new legislation that aims to strip school districts and educators of their autonomy to serve all students in all schools is being introduced faster than the headlines can keep up, there is hope. The educator preparation community must capitalize on this moment where education is at the forefront of each family’s mind, and this is done best that through collective action. Educator Preparation Programs have a key role to play in strengthening intersectional movements that are happening across sectors and the nation.

By participating in this 90-second survey, you can help AACTE create, curate, contextualize, and deliver diversified resources that meet the needs of its members and the field at large.   

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