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Leveraging Principal Prep Programs and State Partnerships

UPPI Podcast logoThroughout AACTE Presents: The University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI) podcast, guests have talked at length about the district’s role in working with preparation programs to produce effective school leaders, but what is the state’s role?  Each of the seven programs in UPPI were given a state partner as well, and in the final episode of the podcast, AACTE talks to authors of two Wallace Foundation commissioned reports on state policy and principal prep about how UPPI programs should be leveraging their state partnerships.

In “Leveraging State Partnerships Throughout Redesign” Paul Manna, author of the report, Using State-level Policy Levers to Promote Principal Quality, and Becki Herman, co-author of the report, How Can State Policy Support Local School Districts as They Develop Principal Pipelines?, to help answer these questions, as well as summarize the partnership triad of prep programs, districts, and states to prepare equity-centered school leaders throughout the country. 

Listen not to Episode 7: Leveraging State Partnerships Throughout Redesign

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