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How to Use National Data Sets for a Greater Purpose

This article is a reflection from Holmes Scholar Kamilah Bywaters on the session “How to Use National Data Sets for a Greater Purpose” one of a five-part Holmes Fall Learning Series convened by AACTE.

Kamilah BywatersFor all my change-makers in the world, there is a wide range of data sets that are available for your use. It is my pleasure to share with you what I recently learned when I attended the AACTE Holmes Fall Learning Series session entitled, “Using National Data Sets for Education Policy Research.” The session was led by Jacqueline E. King, who provided valuable resources to guide the researcher in collecting useful data for their policy research initiatives. King shared the websites for the National Center for Education Statistics and Title II Reports. The resources provide vital information for every level of education.

In reflection, one critical point that has stayed with me from the session is to be mindful of the audience. It is important to keep statistics simple enough for non-academic audiences. The audience is essential, and King reminded us that audiences deserve clear thinking and writing. The sharing and receiving of data sets are like a window of opportunity to identify potential challenges and ultimately develop solutions. This is the power of using national data sets for a greater purpose. My friends, find your data and then transform the world.

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