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AACTE Partners with LPI in the Teacher Licensure Collaborative Kickoff

Learning Policy Institute logoAACTE recently launched its year-long collaboration with the Teacher Licensure Collaborative (TLC), a partnership with the Learning Policy Institute, Education Commission of the States, and additional national partners. TLC is a gathering of national organizations and interested state education institutions working to advance revisions of state licensure and certification standards in order to incorporate whole child practices and to ensure alignment with the science of learning and development.

The partnership meeting began with a welcome from Linda Darling-Hammond, Ed.D., who explained the various motivations that inspired the creation of TLC.   The kickoff was an opportunity for all of the state team members to gather and learn about the collaborative’s goals and structure.  A few AACTE affiliate members were among the states participating in the TLC including Ohio, Massachusetts, and North Dakota.

In Ohio, Brian Yusko, associate dean of academic affairs at Cleveland State University and president of the Ohio affiliate of AACTE, is organizing a group to include the State Board of Education, the State Board of Higher Education and State University Education Deans and others, to share their positive work in the state as they produce educators who are knowledgeable about and skilled in whole child practice.  Their goal in joining the TLC is to share what they accomplished in Ohio, to learn of similar efforts in other states, and to use their strong statewide educator preparation provider networks to advance the implementation of existing policies.

Janet Arndt, president of AACTE’s Massachusetts affiliate and dean and licensure officer at Gordon College, is assembling a team to include representatives from UMASS Amherst, Westfield State University and Boston College to participate in the TLC. Massachusetts has made gains in “whole child” policies, practices, and initiatives in education and Dr. Arndt wanted to join the TLC to learn strategies that will help her and her team refine the state’s thinking and work in this area.

In North Dakota, Stacy Duffield, director of the office of teaching and learning at North Dakota State University and North Dakota president of the AACTE affiliate, is organizing a team to include the State Education Standards and Practices Board, the Department of Public Instruction, and the Board of Higher Education to play an active role in revising the current teacher licensure and certification standards, to learn from others, and to advance their own understandings of effective teaching and learning.

Some of the resources shared with TLC participants during the kickoff included the following:

AACTE looks forward to working with our partners in the Teacher Licensure Collaborative on this important project. The exciting work its state and national partners are doing to enhance state efforts to support students’ social, emotional, and academic development will have a lasting positive impact on the field and the profession.

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