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AACTE Announces Leslie Fenwick as the 2022 Annual Meeting Closing Keynote Speaker

AACTE's 74th Annual Meeting - Closing Keynote Speaker: Leslie Fenwick. Ph.D.AACTE is excited to announce nationally renowned educator, education policy scholar, and best-selling author Leslie T. Fenwick , Ph.D., as the closing keynote speaker for its 74th Annual Meeting in New Orleans, LA. Described as a “fearless voice” for educational equity, Fenwick will take center stage on Sunday, March 6, to discuss her new book, Jim Crow’s Pink Slip: The Untold Story of Black Principal and Teacher Leadership (Harvard Education Press, 2022). The book has been referenced by the New York Times and listed as the #1 New Release in Education History by Amazon.  

Get first-hand insight from Fenwick on her newest book prior to its publication in May 2022. Jim Crow’s Pink Slip is the first book to provide a historical analysis of the purposeful and most extensive purge of educator talent ever experienced in the U.S. public school system. The book chronicles how the illegal transfer of educator jobs from blacks to whites after the Brown v. Board of Education decision crippled black leadership of public schools and ultimately impeded the nation’s progress toward educational equity. Jim Crow’s Pink Slip concludes with a series of recommendations to diversify the nation’s educator workforce and redefine school reform. 

Fenwick has worked in every aspect of education, including as a PK-12 teacher and administrator in both public and private schools, as a university faculty member and administrator, as a foundation program officer, and as a legislative aid in the Ohio Senate when the state drafted its first omnibus school reform legislation. She has also worked with federal programs that promote educational equity, such as Head Start and Upward Bound. Currently, she serves as Dean in Residence at AACTE, Senior Fellow for the McDonald Character Leadership Program at the United States Military Academy at West Point, and Dean Emeritus of the Howard University School of Education. More details on Fenwick’s extensive contributions to the field of education can be found on AACTE’s website.

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