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New Podcast Explores Gaps in the Journey to Becoming a Principal

While the role of the principal remains essential, it has evolved over time. Throughout its evolvement, preparation programs, districts, and state policy makers have worked in silos, creating gaps between the skills learned in an educator leadership program and what a principal actually does on the job. In the second episode of AACTE’s new University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI) Podcast series chronicling this Wallace Foundation multi-year principal program redesign initiative, listeners will learn what the research says about what the gaps between “learning” and “doing” and how to address them.

In the “Gaps in the Journey to Becoming a Principal” podcast segment, listeners will hear how those findings are seen and implemented through the eyes of one of the UPPI’s Project Directors, Tim Drake.

Listen now to Episode 2 Gaps in the Journey to Becoming a Principal

Episode 2: Gaps in the Journey to Becoming a Principal

Tim DrakeThis episode features Tim Drake, who is an assistant professor of educational leadership and policy at North Carolina State University. He completed his Ph.D. in education policy studies at Vanderbilt University. He has an M.Ed. in international education policy and management from Vanderbilt and a B.A. in history teaching from Brigham Young University. Drake studies the policies and practices that influence the effectiveness of school leaders. Specifically, he works at the intersection of research, policy, and practice to inform the ways in which school leaders are trained and supported. His current research projects include educator data use, leadership preparation and development, early grades/pre-K leadership, and turnaround school leadership. He is Principal Investigator of the Wallace Foundation’s UPPI for NC State.

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