Don’t Miss Out on Newest Member Resources

As the fall semester creeps to a close, it’s easy to forget about all that is available to you via your AACTE membership. Check out these member resources:

Resource Library – Have you accessed the AACTE Resource Library lately?  If so, you have probably noticed a few changes, including a single sign on system. AACTE has completed its database migration and with that you will find a seamless way to transition between your AACTE profile and the improved AACTE Resource Library.  Feel free to view some of the latest resources below:

AACTE Podcasts: Revolutionizing Education – AACTE’s first-ever podcast is now available. Revolutionizing Education takes a look at how our community can innovate educator preparation and education for all learners.  Topics include the following:

  • Episode 1: Joy in Teacher Education
  • Episode 2: From Takeover to Take Back
  • Episode 3: The RockTEACH Program
  • Episode 4: Learning Together
  • Episode 5: Transforming Teacher Preparation
  • Episode 6: Jack Be Nimble

AACTE Presents: The University Principal Preparation Initiative Podcast Introduced this month, this podcast chronicles the multi-year principal program redesign initiative undertaken by AACTE’s partner, The Wallace Foundation, in which seven principal preparation programs were partnered with districts, state policymakers, and a mentor program. Tune into Episode 1:

  • Episode 1: Why Focus on Principals?

ARP Funding Toolkit – Learn how members can collaborate with their local district partners to allocate ESSER funds toward strengthening the educator workforce.

Interested in accessing any of the above?  Please feel free to contact me directly with questions at

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Meghan Grenda

Director of Membership, AACTE