AACTE Election 2021: Your Vote Matters

Concept of Board of Directors Meeting Chairs and Glass Table

I have had the pleasure of serving in several leadership positions within AACTE and, beginning in March 2022, will serve as chair of the AACTE Board of Directors.  These have been busy and challenging times for all of us, and AACTE’s volunteer leaders have been working hard with President & CEO Lynn M. Gangone and the entire National Office team to ensure that AACTE is well positioned to advance its vision of revolutionizing education for all learners.  A sample of the board’s recent activities include the following:

  • Establishing a new strategic plan for the Association, including new strategic priorities on advocacy, DEI, and educator preparation policy, practice, and research
  • Completing a successful sale of AACTE’s office building in Washington, DC and investing a portion of the proceeds in new technology platforms to better serve members
  • Updating AACTE’s governance structure to reflect best practices in non-profit management
  • Advising the National Office team on AACTE’s response to COVID-19

As this short sample of the Board’s activities demonstrates, it does important work on behalf of AACTE and the field of educator preparation. Help us ensure continued robust leadership by taking a moment to vote in the Board election that is underway through November 30.  

This year, there are 12 individuals running for two at-large seats and for seats representing AILACTE, HACU, NAFEO, and TECSCU. Members can vote for all of these positions, regardless of whether they are also a member of those organizations. In addition, members are asked to ratify a set of proposed technical changes to the Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws.

If you are an AACTE Institutional or Chief Representative, enter the online voting system for the Board election. There you will find short statements from each candidate and the proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws. To review these documents in advance, visit aacte.org.

Thank you for doing your part to ensure that AACTE’s leadership remains strong in the years ahead.


Michael Dantley

Miami University, Ohio