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UNC Invites Participation at National Field Experience Conference

National Field Experience Conference logoThe University of Northern Colorado (UNC) is hosting its National Field Experience Conference April 3 – 5, 2022. The purpose of the conference is to share information, practices, policies, and research pertaining to teacher candidates’ experiences in school settings. Presentations will address the preparation, supervision, and evaluation of teacher candidates for their knowledge, skills, and dispositions. Logistics and management of these placements will also be addressed.

Proposals are being accepted through January 1.

Presentations may include the following:

  • Setting (public, private, charter, urban, rural, and international placements)
  • Supervision Practices and Challenges
  • Teacher Candidates’ Impact on Learning in Classrooms
  • Co-Teaching Models
  • Locating and Maintaining Placements/Partnerships in Schools
  • Best Practices in Teaching
  • Unique Programs to Enhance Teacher Preparation

To learn more about the National Field Experience Conference, registration, and accommodations, visit unco.edu/cebs/nfec.


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