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NYACTE Partners with NYSATE to Host 2021 Annual Conference

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The New York Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (NYACTE) is hosting its annual conference jointly with the New York State Association of Teacher Education. The 2021 conference is entitled Educational Innovation for Equity and Excellence. Progressively delivered in a virtual format September 30 through November 2, all events are free of charge. It is not too late to join us for an interactive member presentation that will take place on October 21 from 1:00-3:00 p.m. EST. In addition, asynchronous (pre-recorded) paper presentations are also available.

The conference highlights the ways in which New York educator preparation programs (EPPs) and PK-12 engage in partnerships and innovations for advancing educational equity. The conference addresses ways in which state level policy and local practices address programming for greater outcomes among diverse student populations and school communities. The conference concludes with our keynote speaker Elaine Gross, who will challenge the profession in its efforts for racial justice.

Elaine Gross is founder and president of ERASE Racism, a regional civil rights organization based in Long Island, NY. ERASE Racism exposes and addresses the devastating impact of historical and continuing institutional and structural racism, especially in public school education, housing, and community development. It utilizes research and works with educational organizations for leading legislative and policy advocacy, legal action, and educating the public for racial equity. Under the leadership of Gross, ERASE Racism has become a premier civil rights organization educating the public on the systemic causes of racial discrimination and segregation. The organization works with school superintendents and teachers to facilitate dialogues between educators on critical issues such as culturally responsive and sustaining education (CRSE), diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), and increasing the number of educators of color in schools.

The 2021 conference will shed light on lessons learned for educational excellence during   the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the movements for racial justice. The full program covers a range of important topics such socio-emotional wellness, clinical practice, partnership development, quality assurance, equity issues in education, and more.

To register for individual events and to learn with us, see the NYASTE-NYACTE Conference Web Page.

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