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AACTE Contributes to the Committee for Education Funding’s Budget Book

Council for Education Funding - Education MattersOne of the important coalitions AACTE is a member of is the Committee for Education Funding (CEF), which is the oldest and largest coalition of education associations and calls for an increase in federal funding for education. CEF’s current campaign is “5 Cents Makes Sense,” which calls for 5 cents of every federal dollar to be spent on education. The campaign’s official hashtag is #5Cents4EdFunding. 

Each year, CEF publishes a Budget Book, which analyzes the President’s budget proposal and its impact on federal education programs.  AACTE contributed two articles to the Book.  One is on TEACH Grants, the federal program that supports the recruitment of high-quality teacher candidates for hard-to-staff fields and schools. The other article is on the Teacher Quality Partnership program, which is the only federal initiative designed to strengthen and reform educator preparation at institutions of higher education.

CEF’s Budget Book is a valuable tool for understanding the funding history of a particular federal education program and to understand how the president’s proposed budget supports students.  It also helps guide Congress as it decides its funding priorities for the year. 

Fortunately, President Biden proposed significant increases for the programs important to AACTE for fiscal year 2022.  However, this may not be the case in future years. It is important for you to engage with your Members of Congress to encourage them to fund our legislative priorities at the highest levels possible. 


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