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You’re invited to AACTE 2021 State Leaders Institute

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Join AACTE at this year’s virtual State Leaders Institute, September 30 – October 1, as we address current trends impacting the profession. Hear from AACTE leaders and experts on effective ways to advocate for policies and funding within your state. Interactive sessions will cover topics such as:

  • Working with Coalitions to Do Advocacy Work 
  • ARPA State Funding Initiatives
  • Consortium for Research-Based and Equitable Assessments
  • State Affiliates Access to AACTE’s Connect360

View the full SLI schedule at aacte.org.

Why attend this year? Here’s what your colleagues had to say:

“I attended my first State Leaders Institute as President-Elect for my state chapter and have attended ever since. It’s best when a team of your state’s officers can attend. The time spent co-planning with so many AACTE experts and resources on hand is invaluable.” – Claudine Keenan

“It is invigorating to hear about what is happening in our nation’s capital from folks who are right in the heart of the action. Truly amazing is to follow that up with a strategic planning session for taking that knowledge and influencing policy and practice in your own state. And even more remarkable is to hear how state organizations are working to collaborate more effectively and leverage that combined strength in their state legislatures.” – Judy Beck

“When we placed our focus on becoming a proactive voice for teacher education in our state, Washington Week offered us the tools to make that a reality and to continue building on the opportunities that opened up to us as a result. From building relationships with policy makers to working with lawmakers on needed legislation…from feedback on our white paper’s content to advice on how to share that publication…our AACTE colleagues from the State Leaders Institute and the AACTE staff have been critical allies in our advocacy journey.”  – Robin Fuxa

Secure your spot for AACTE’s State Leaders Institute by September 29!

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Do you have questions or need Assistance? Please contact us at events@aacte.org


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