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Jack Be Nimble: Series 1 Final Podcast Episode Discusses Authentic Field Experience

Revolutionizing Education

Series one, episode six of the AACTE Podcast, Revolutionizing Education, is now available.

The latest and final episode of series one features a discussion surrounding the critical question: How do we design authentic field experiences that equip students with evidence-based skills to support a sustainable career? Tara Mathien from the University of Florida shares how the adaptations that her educator preparation program made throughout this past year has led to lasting change that will continue to be implemented in the future.

Listen now to Episode 6: Jack Be Nimble

Revolutionizing Education Podcast -  AACTE Podcast AACTE is excited to announce its first ever podcast, Revolutionizing Education, is now available. The new podcast examines ways to innovate educator preparation and education for all learners. The first podcast series highlights case stories shared by AACTE members during the 2021 Annual Meeting. New episodes from the first series will be released throughout the summer. In fall 2021, the AACTE podcast will feature live interviews with members, national education leaders, students, and other influencers in the education industry.  AACTE has partnered with Resonate Recordings for high-quality podcast production that will expand the reach of members’ work in educator preparation throughout the world. AACTE’s podcast episodes are available on the following platforms: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Spotify. On these platforms, you can search for and access the podcast, learn about it, listen to the episodes as well as leave ratings and reviews.  Follow the AACTE Podcast on Twitter at #AACTEPodcast and #RevolutionizingEd. Be sure to tune in and spread the word!              Revolutionizing Education    Episode 1: Joy in Teacher Education In this episode, we’ll hear from AACTE members Kyle Harrison, Kelly Hayek, and Irene Ann Resenly from the University of Wisconsin on the role of joy in teacher education. They share the process of noticing, understanding, and replicating joy as critical work in teacher education, using autoethnography as a methodological tool. Through sharing their findings, we hope listeners will leave with a renewed capacity for noticing moments of joy and a protocol that will provide a baseline for naming, claiming, and considering how to leverage joy in teaching.     Episode 2: From Takeover to Take Back In this episode, Eva Zygmunt from Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana details the creative efforts of a mid-sized midwestern community collaborative to reclaim its school district from a state-takeover, resulting in the legislated granting of authority over the local district to the state university. Eva shares how community voice has been privileged in school reform through a concerted advocacy effort on the part of faculty and community activists. This is an inspiring story that showcases how community and educational partnerships can make a huge impact in a community’s educational system.     Episode 3: The RockTEACH Program In this episode, we will learn about the efforts of Slippery Rock University of PA to diversify the teacher workforce by recruiting underrepresented minority high school students to the field of teaching, providing financial assistance and mentoring support through the RockTEACH Program. AACTE members Monique Alexander, Jeremy Lynch, Christine Walsh, and Linda Zane from Slippery Rock of PA share the story, the situation, and the results of the program. Through these insights, listeners will gain insight into a burgeoning and multifaceted program to support a diverse teacher pipeline and develop an understanding of the critical elements and challenges of our story.     Episode 4: Learning Together The latest episode features the story of an educator preparation program facing multiple challenges in its work to prepare teacher candidates for the classroom. Additionally, covering how their local school district faces its own pressures impacted by teacher shortages, poor teacher performance, high burnout, and issues with retention. In the fourth episode of the Revolutionizing Education Podcast, Jeff Bill and Ashley Smith from Pitt County Schools and Christina Tschida from Appalachian State University share three case stories featuring the use of co-teaching and demonstrating a partnership between university and schools that builds capacity, efficacy, and resilience in teachers at various levels of preparation.     Episode 5: Transforming Teacher Preparation One of the largest Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the nation, UTRGV, has embarked on a transformation of its teacher preparation program centered on the college mission, vision, and three priorities: quality, culture of inquiry, and positionality. In this episode, Sandra Musanti and Alma Rodriguez from University of Texas Rio Grande Valley share what they’ve identified to be the three areas of emphasis to guide the transformation work: a practice-based teacher education model, culturally and linguistically sustaining pedagogies, and technology for the 21st century.     Episode 6: Jack Be Nimble

This episode is the sixth in the first Revolutionizing Education podcast series highlighting case stories by AACTE members who presented at AACTE’s 73rd Annual Meeting.

The first five episodes are also available, covering how to discover and foster joy in teacher education, the stories of a community that made a huge impact on their local education system, a program working to diversify the teacher workforce by recruiting underrepresented minority high school students, and the story of an ed prep program addressing challenges in preparing teacher candidates to enter the classroom, and the case study of a university transforming its teacher preparation program centered on three priorities: quality, culture of inquiry, and positionality.

Check out all the new episodes released this summer at aacte.org.

Episodes of Revolutionizing Education are available on Apple Podcasts, Google PodcastsStitcherTuneIn, and Spotify, where you can not only listen to or download the podcast, but also leave ratings, reviews, and feedback.

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