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How to Try Out PlanWise™ to Deliver Formative Assessment Practices

Planwise logoThis fall, AACTE is excited to continue supporting an opportunity for members to try out the PlanWise tool, a Chrome Extension developed by ETS and focused on delivering formative assessment practices and strategies. The PlanWise™ tool meets teachers where they are in a number of ways, including providing suggestions for formative assessment strategies to teachers and pre-service teachers while they are lesson planning in Google Docs.

Five AACTE member institutions have participated in introductory sessions and have determined that they are interested in trying out the PlanWise™ tool with their pre-service teachers. We are welcoming an additional five institutions to try out the tool this fall.

Prior to the tryout, an initial 1-hour overview and demonstration of the PlanWise™ tool will be provided by ETS. From there, faculty will complete a short survey to provide feedback on the utility of the PlanWise™ tool in methods and other teacher preparation coursework and will also be able to indicate whether they would like to be able to use the tool with pre-service teachers during the fall 2021 semester.

After an initial tryout with K-12 teachers, many novice teachers valued the utility of the tool in identifying a variety of new formative assessment strategies and indicated that the strategies increased their use of formative assessment with students. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out the PlanWise™ tool with your pre-service teachers. Complete the Google form to indicate your interest.

For questions about this opportunity, please contact AACTE’s Jackie Cantow-Dudley.


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Jacqueline Rodriguez

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Vice President, Research, Policy, and Advocacy, AACTE