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Students: Register for ISTELive 21 at the Discounted Rate to Learn Edtech Best Practices

ISTE Live 21

It’s not enough for educators to know how to use technology; they have to understand the pedagogical principals underpinning the tools so that tech is used effectively and gives students agency over their learning.

For example, technology should not merely be a replacement for nontech tools. An electronic whiteboard is merely an expensive chalkboard if teachers use it only to project lessons and homework assignments. But technology can transform learning when it is used in a way that allows students to collaborate with peers and experts across great distances, gather and analyze large data sets, and use creation tools to make art that can be critiqued by an engaged audience.

ISTELive 21, held virtually from June 26-30, is the world’s most comprehensive event where educators at all levels share best practices for using technology for teaching and learning. Preservice teachers can attend this conference and get access to more than 1,000 sessions for six months at the heavily discounted student price of $30 by registering at isteconference.org with your student email, using the code STUDENT.

Here are five of the dozens of topics you can learn about when you attend:

Online and blended learning: Choose from more than 30 sessions, ranging from motivating online learners to building a support system and becoming a distance-learning superhero.

Digital citizenship: Teach students how to be savvy digital creators and communicators who understand how to avoid the pitfall of online interaction. You’ll learn about the four competencies of digital citizenship.

Project-based learning: Discover easy ways to team up with educators and organizations from around the world to organize real-world projects with students of any age.

Computer science: CS is no longer a standalone subject. It can—and should—be incorporated into all subject areas and grade levels. Learn how you can use tools like Scratch to teach literature, math and social studies.

Digital equity: Learn how to design and adapt materials for students with disabilities, be a better ally to students of color, and make your classroom more inclusive for all students.


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