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Playbook Offers Strategies for Recruiting, Retaining Diverse Teaching Workforce

Last month, President Biden called for an unprecedented investment in his FY 22 budget proposal to begin to redress the chronic inequities in our nation’s education system. In a new playbook, the Partnership for the Future of Learning offers a set of high-impact strategies and examples for recruiting, preparing, developing, and retaining high-quality teachers and bringing greater racial, ethnic, and linguistic diversity to the profession.

The 152-page Teaching Profession Playbook was developed by the Learning Policy Institute and the Public Leadership Institute in collaboration with 26 organizations and five individual experts. The digital playbook includes examples of legislation; a curated list of publications, by topic, for further reading; a guide to talking about teacher shortages and strengthening the profession; and examples of research-based policies.

In a recent Industry Dive article, reporter Kara Arundel features insight from teacher leaders on how the playbook addresses teacher recruitment, preparation, and retention efforts at the state and local levels to diversify the workforce.  AACTE member Karen DeMoss, executive director of Prepared To Teach, comments on the book and encourages education stakeholders to be more strategic in finding longer-term solutions to the teacher shortages and barriers to diversifying the workforce.

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Katrina Norfleet

Content Strategist, AACTE