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Introducing the Updated AACTE State Affiliate Leaders Manual

State Affiliate Leaders Manual

AACTE is happy to announce the release of the newly updated State Affiliate Leaders Manual. As with previous versions of this important resource, the purpose of the manual is to advise AACTE state officeholders on how best to use their leadership roles to support and guide their state affiliates, as well as to help them channel their efforts toward improving teacher quality and the education profession in their state, in their region, and nationally. 

Assuming the leadership of an AACTE state affiliate can be a daunting experience for any newly elected president.  Not only must new leaders attend to all the sundry responsibilities associated with the proper functioning of a state chapter, they must also attend to regional duties—such as the responsibility to participate in AACTE regional meetings and activities and the national AACTE State Leaders Institute.  As a guide on how to perform these and other functions, this updated manual is a resource not just for newly elected state leaders, but also for long serving ones.

The manual was designed to instruct affiliate presidents on important matters, such as how to create a state leadership structure; how to address common budgeting decisions; and how to draft bylaws. The manual was updated by the executive committee of the AACTE Advisory Council of State Representatives (ACSR), with the assistance of past and present state chapter leaders and AACTE national office staff. Years of institutional knowledge and association wisdom went into the composition of this useful resource with the aim of helping new state presidents hit the ground running on day one. 

Although each state association is structured in response to its unique needs and goals, certain elements are common across affiliates. For example, to be effective, a state association must have a vision, a mission, and strategic goals with a plan for how to measure and achieve its objectives. The manual was created to help guide state leaders through this and other planning matters. 

The State Affiliate Leaders Manual is free to all members of AACTE and can be accessed at aacte.org


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