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Attend the ETS Webinar on Educating for American Democracy

ETS Webinar - Educating for American Democracy

There is wide recognition that history and civics have been neglected disciplines in American K-12 education. Recent events, including the January 6 insurrection of the U.S. Capitol, underscored this point and the need to elevate learning in these essential disciplines.

The Educating for American Democracy (EAD) initiative has garnered broad cross-partisan and stakeholder support as a way to re-imagine and re-prioritize the important civic mission of K-12 public education. AACTE became an EAD organizational Champion in 2021 and is developing professional development that addresses inquiry-based civic instruction in our member educator preparation programs. AACTE is participating in the upcoming webinar, Monitoring Civic Learning Opportunities and Outcomes: State of the Field and Future Directions, on July 13

As schools and districts begin to leverage EAD in meeting their civic mission, it is less clear and more important to figure out how our K-12 education system can more effectively and comprehensively measure and evaluate success in civic readiness. What is the role of formative assessment? What is the role of summative assessment? How can students, families, educators, schools, districts, and policy leaders collaborate in supporting and evaluating success? Join leading educational measurement experts, practitioners, and stakeholders in this important and timely conversation.

Register for the event, which begins at 12:00 p.m. ET on July 13. The agenda includes all breakout sessions and speakers.

AACTE’s Jacqueline Rodriguez, vice president, research, policy, & advocacy is one of the webinar presenters.

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Jacqueline Rodriguez

Jacqueline Rodriguez

Vice President, Research, Policy, and Advocacy, AACTE