A Call for AACTE Teacher Stories

Ed Prep Matters is featuring a new series, “AACTE Teacher Stories,”  to spotlight the experiences of K-12 educators who are attending or are alumni of AACTE member institutions. AACTE invites preservice and in-service school teachers to reflect on how they are applying the practices, frameworks, and strategies they acquired during their educator preparation program (EPP) studies to assure student success.

This series is an opportunity to showcase how EPP students successfully translate theory into practice. AACTE is currently seeking article submissions that address questions such as the following:

  • What successful strategies did you learn to implement during the pandemic crisis?
  • How have you applied equitable and inclusive practices?
  • What innovative techniques and technology are you using to adapt to the needs of your students?
  • How do you incorporate culturally responsive teaching or other student-centered learning frameworks into your instruction?

AACTE encourages EPP faculty to share this call for stories with early childhood, elementary, and secondary practicing educators to highlight the value teachers bring to the classroom and the impact they have on student success, based on high-quality, evidence-based preparation that assures educators are ready to teach all learners. What better time than now to augment the voice of the educator preparation community through the lens of the students you have prepared to enter the profession?

Through the series, AACTE will share these stories with communities, media, and policy makers and share the messages of inspired teachers as change agents stimulating students to be continuous learners. In addition to being featured on the widely-read Ed Prep Matters blog, the selected articles will be featured via AACTE’s social media channels on Twitter and Facebook.

Submissions should be well written and represent professional experiences in the classroom. Article length is 500-800 words. Include the author’s full name, job title, EPP Institution name, and author’s short bio and photo. Additional photos and images to accompany the articles are also welcomed. Please email submissions to me at knorfleet@aacte.org.

Read the first article in the series, “AACTE Teacher Stories: Teachers as Forward-Thinking Frontline Workers” by classroom teacher and reading specialist Shalander Samuels, a graduate of the University of Central Florida.


Katrina Norfleet

Content Strategist, AACTE