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Service on the AACTE Board of Directors: An Investment in Yourself, Your Association, and Your Profession

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These are challenging and exciting times for leaders in educator preparation. As our institutions strive to recover from the pandemic, there is the promise of dramatically expanded funding from Washington to address the teacher shortage. And as we continue to reel from acts of racial violence, educator preparation is playing a leadership role in helping teachers and school leaders understand and address systemic racism.

With all that we have to do in our “day jobs,” service on the AACTE Board of Directors may seem like an obligation that isn’t worth the effort. I have found it to be just the opposite. Serving on the AACTE Board of Directors has been a valuable way to make a difference, and has given me insights and connections that significantly added to my ability to serve my institution. I have grown as a leader, broadened my professional network, and gained a deeper understanding of our field and the wider political and social environment. It also has been deeply gratifying to contribute to AACTE’s work in advancing educator preparation.

Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to serve on the Board of Directors. The chief representatives of AACTE member institutions are eligible to run for at-large positions on the Board. The Board typically meets three times each year, with one of those meeting occurring face-to-face at the AACTE Annual Meeting. Board members also often serve on committees that meet virtually during the year. If you have questions about what it is like to serve on the Board, contact me or one of my Board colleagues.

Nominations are due May 28. In the fall, individuals will be selected from among the nominees to stand for member election. New Board members take office on March 1, 2022. To submit a nomination, visit www.AACTE.org and click on “Call for Nominations.”

Robert Floden is chair of the AACTE Board of Directors.

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