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Did You Remember to Renew Your AACTE Membership? Deadline is May 31

John BlackwellAs a member of the AACTE Board of Directors, I recognize and understand the challenges facing our members, and join my colleagues in working on your behalf.  

From the debut of the new Connect360 online communities where you can collaborate with colleagues across the country to our updated advocacy center, AACTE is committed to helping navigate this shared journey. Throughout the pandemic, our number one priority remains serving as the voice of our members.  

As the May 31 renewal deadline approaches, we hope to receive your continued support by renewing your membership, if you have not already done so. AACTE will continue to provide unparalleled support for our members and to help strengthen educator preparation—now and in the future.

To renew your AACTE membership choose one of the following methods:

  • Submit Your Renewal via Credit Card: Visit your AACTE Profile to submit payment online.
  • Submit Your Renewal via Check: Make payable to “AACTE” and mail to AACTE, PO Box 825490, Philadelphia, PA 19182-5490.  Please note the AACTE mailing address has changed.  

We look forward to your continued partnership with American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. If there are additional ways we can help you and your colleagues during this time, please do not hesitate to contact the membership team: Meghan Grenda at mgrenda@aacte.org or Gloriatine Jones at gjones@aacte.org.

Thank you again for your commitment and partnership. Our Association is strong because of you. Together, we will tackle this challenge (and whatever the future may bring) and ensure that our community not only will get through this but will thrive.