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New Online Resource to Highlight Teachers’ Passion

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Over the past year, educators across America put everything they have into keeping students educated and engaged. Now, as we look to the future—and begin our return to the classroom—where can we find the support and inspiration needed to tackle the road ahead? 

Through the Teachers Community Hub, a new resource from education nonprofit Roadtrip Nation, educators and aspiring educators everywhere can find that support—and reconnect to their power and purpose as teachers. The Teachers Community Hub brings together video interviews between educators around the campaign “Why We Teach,” as well as support for navigating obstacles inside and outside of the classroom.

Here’s how educators can use this site to get recharged for rest of the school year:

  • Watch candid video stories that will remind you why you teach
    At the heart of the Teachers Community Hub…is heart! Through video interviews between educators from all walks of life, you’ll hear insights that will build community, reaffirm your passion for teaching—and remind you that you don’t have to tackle this year’s teaching challenges on your own.
  • Get practical resources to help you continue to be the best educator you can be
    Resources provided by leaders in the education space will help you learn best practices on everything from building better relationships with your students—virtually and in-person—to continuing your professional development as an educator. And for aspiring educators, you can explore different career paths in teaching, and get connected with any further education or training you may need.
  • Use Roadtrip Nation tools to engage with students
    Through this site, you’ll get access to the Roadtrip Nation Experience—a project-based career exploration course for students that promotes social and emotional learning and encourages students to start thinking critically about their own futures.
  • Share your own insights and advice for other educators
    Another tool offered on this site is Roadtrip Nation’s Share Your Road platform, a place where educators can share what they’ve learned along their career paths, in order to connect with other teachers and show them what’s possible for the future.

Even if you already feel ready to tackle what comes next in the classroom, the inspiration and resources in the Teachers Community Hub are a must-see for teachers everywhere.

Start exploring the Teachers Community Hub here.