AACTE Updates NCTQ Response Checklist

NCTQ ChecklistAACTE is the leading voice on educator preparation and is dedicated to providing member resources to support the profession. As such, AACTE has developed materials to help members respond to the reports produced by the National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ). The NCTQ reports reflect flawed methodologies and practices to rate educator preparation programs, and AACTE members should make their voices heard to address the misrepresentation of their programs.

Members of the AACTE Government Relations Committee and Advisory Council of State Representatives collaborated to produce recommendations to assist members’ efforts in taking control of the narrative about their educator preparation programs. The NCTQ Checklist is designed to help AACTE members develop strategic and tactical solutions to reframe the misinformation that NCTQ has published.

The Checklist provides recommendations to help members shape an effective response to the misguided way that NCTQ gathers and review data. The Checklist includes:

  • How to inform your faculty, teacher candidates, president and provost about the NCTQ review
  • How and when to involve your institution’s communications department and legal counsel
  • How to organize a leadership meeting to focus specifically on the review and construct a strategy
  • How to develop a point person and committee to organize your efforts
  • How to target a message toward a specific audience
  • How to tell your program’s story

The Checklist will aid AACTE members to counter NCTQ’s attacks on their programs while showcasing the innovations taking place at their institutions and in their state. 

The Checklist is available to AACTE members only and may be accessed via the AACTE Resource Library.


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